teknikagroup was founded on the philosophy of combining unsurpassed quality and innovation, with better and more effective products, services and technologies. We have become the preferred lighting and electrical supplier for international commercial, industrial and residential projects. Teknika has strategic alliances worldwide to assist with the ever growing supply and demand for new technology. Our premium products have certifications in all areas including 


Save up to 80% with LED Lighting

Our average LED bulb used for residential applications is 5watts to 12watts.  Comparing that to a 40, 60 and 100 watt incandescent bulb or even typical 13 - 26 watt compact fluorescent bulbs, you see savings first month. Through  Eco Retrofit programs you save on your utility bills. LED bulbs saves up to 80% energy when replacing conventional lighting.

teknikagroup is an environmentally minded company, we keep an eye to the future while implementing forward thinking technologies today. At teknikagroup we offer a range of products that help reduce your carbon footprint, earn you money and provide tremendous savings on your utility bills through energy efficiency retrofit programs



Our quality control systems have all surpassed ISO 9001: 2000 International standards and are currently active in everyday applications. What sets Teknika apart is the ongoing collaboration between innovators and "hands on" trade personnel to create a product that not only meets the needs of the end user but also considers the trades who install our products.



teknikagroup aims  to be the leading Canadian company that delivers energy efficient solutions to residential and commercial property owners in Canada. The program targets homes and businesses that would like to reduce their energy consumption used for lighting.



teknikagroup is committed to sustainable design and creating a product line that supports the future of lighting. Our products are "energy star" rated with Title 24 High Efficacy compliance. Our LED products meet the standard of being "Energy Efficient" by utilising less power and increasing the life expectancy of each bulb; thereby reducing the overall energy consumption and related carbon emissions.